​Before Registering....
Please review the following notes regarding all programs
  • Location: All programs are delivered at the KidSkills clinic and periodically offered in various Vancouver community centres.

  • Format: All programs published below are available in small group format (3-5 participants) and can be delivered in semi-private fashion (2 participants) - please inquire. 

  • Class Size: To ensure program effectiveness the number of participants is limited. Early registration is highly recommended.

  • Frequency: All programs (with the exception of summer programs) are conducted on a weekly basis (subject to statutory holidays).

  • Number of Sessions: six 45 min. sessions.

  • Registration, fees and refunds:

    • Upon acceptance of a registration form, a non-refundable $50 deposit by cheque or e-Transfer will be required to secure a spot in the program.

    • At the event a program is cancelled due to insufficient number of participants registration fees will be refunded.

    • Discounts:

      • A 15% discount will be extended to a second sibling registered to the same program. 

      • A 10% early bird discount for advanced registration - 15 days for regular programs, 30 days for summer programs (not combined with sibling discount).

  • Participant suitability:

    • All programs are intended for kids with average to high average intelligence.

    • Due to the program format, all self-regulation programs are not intended for kids on the ASD. The program is also not suitable for kids who display high anxiety level in a group setting and those requiring the intervention of a mental health professional.

    • The instructor can release a participant from a class at any time if the child is determined unsuitable. Caregivers will be offered one of two options: Continue the program individually (private sessions) or have the child discharged from the program (refund will be issued for the outstanding sessions).

Upcoming Programs (2020)

Please note that registration cannot be done from a mobile device.