Areas of Expertise

The areas typically addressed at KidSkills are:

  • Gross Motor skills (e.g. coordination and balance, postural control)

  • Fine Motor skills (e.g. pencil grasp, in-hand manipulation, using utensils and tools. dressing skills)

  • Visual Motor Coordination

  • Visual-Spatial Perception

  • Pre-Writing & Handwriting skills (e.g. printing and cursive writing, modifications and accomodations for the education system)

  • Executive functions (e.g. time management, planning, task monitoring, reducing impulsivity, organizational skills)

  • Sensory Processing

  • Self-regulation skills (including tools for caregivers)

All services are tailored to the needs of each child, delivered in a comfortable setting that is optimized for children and involve a variety of activities following a play-based treatment philosophy.

In additional to occupational therapy services KidSkills delivers unique programs and expertise in the areas of Motor Coordination, Handwriting Skills and Social Thinking.

What makes KidSkills unique?

Our guiding philosophy is that adequate and early intervention can be instrumental in providing children the physical and emotional foundation to lead an effective academic and social life.


Through our commitment to the well being of children and excellence in service* we now offer several assessment and treatment options designed to meet the budget and scheduling needs of parents that are challenged by the burden of the economy and their work commitments. but require intervention to help them achieve their potential.**

Over the years KidSkills has consistently met and exceeded the expectations of parents seeking to improve their child's quality of life. Unlike other organizations and private practices in the Vancouver Lower Mainland that provide a host of services to a wide array of clients, this clinic exclusively serves children that attend regular preschool and classroom environments


* All services provided follow the highest standards of confidentiality and quality outlined by the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC)

** I will be glad to guide you to occupational therapy practitioners who specialize in special needs and/or autism.